significantotterUtterly Otterly

A collection of thirty poems written (mostly) from official NaPoWriMo 2016 prompts, but with a magical added ingredient – they are all about otters, and they are all illustrated by me. The first print run was successfully crowd-funded in 2017, and you can still buy via my Gofundme page. While you’re there, you can also buy a print of  the cover image ‘Otters In The Bathtub’, or even a bespoke one-of-a-kind illustration of otters doing whatever the heck you like. (Nothing rude please!)

Celebrating Change

From 2017-2018 I’m working with filmmaker Laura Degnan to deliver monthly digital storytelling workshops to Teesside residents. Our base of operations is Mima, but I also run the blog component of the project as a combination of online writing prompts and poetry magazine.

This Is My Prologue

In June 2018 I started work as creative producer-director-dramaturge on a poetry theatre show, with writer and performer Lisette Auton. The show explores her experiences with disability and chronic illness, and celebrates the role of creativity in recovery and healing. We’re taking our time to do this right, for the sake of both our artistic ambitions and of Lisette’s health – but watch this space, because something beautiful is going to happen…