The Trouble With Compassion


My first full collection is available from Burning Eye Books, the UK’s foremost publisher of spoken word poetry.  It’s loosely based on the Buddhist 5-part metta bhavana meditation, but is mostly about all the ways in which I heroically fail at being compassionate.



Utterly Otterly!

BathtubOttersMy second collection, thirty poems featuring otters, all illustrated by me and all including the writing prompts that inspired them, is available for purchase via GoFundMe. You can also buy a mounted print of these bathtub otters, or you could go wild and order both a book and a bespoke illustration of otters doing whatever you like! (Nothing rude, please!)

Example of bespoke otter illustrations…

Meditating Otter, Superhero Princess Otter, D&D Otters, Space Otter, Stage Manager Otter, Not Wigging Out Otters, Walking The Dog Otter, and my favourite – Otter In a Stetson Riding A Snail In A Unicorn Costume While Wrangling Squirrels.