IMG_0688Two film poems made especially for my second solo show, The Trouble With Compassion, both featuring my alter-ego Imelda. In ‘Imelda Says’, she is unhappy. In ‘Love Is Waiting To Come Through You’, she has found a way to follow her bliss…

Once again, thanks to Laura Degnan for the filming, which involved us taking over a petting farm for an afternoon.

‘Monsoon’ performed at 2014 BBC Slam Final, Edinburgh

DSC_2381Final-JPeg.jpgThis poem was the ‘hit single’ from my first solo show, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen. It was inspired by both the sound of rain, and the vocal exercises used by tabla players to articulate the notes of the drums.

During this version, I say ‘thunder’ – because a jet plane had just made a fly-by!

‘Primavera’ – commissioned by Newcastle University in response to the Bloodaxe Archive

This is a response to Tony Harrison’s ‘V’, and was one of three poems I wrote during a commission by Newcastle University in 2014. It was shown as part of their inaugural Poetry Festival the following year. Thanks to Laura Degnan for the filming. To read the other poems, put my name into the search bar here – or look up some of the other commissioned poets!

Here are some filmpoems I’ve made, in case you like that kind of thing:

Tidelines was filmed on the beach near my house, then slowed to a quarter speed and put through a simple line-effect filter.

Astronaut uses found home movie cine footage from an open source website.

This House Looks Like A Bombsite was filmed at home, whereas The Human Form was filmed out of the window of a tower block at Teesside University. I will be making more, and trying to get better at it.