What should this one be called…

…and is it even finished? I suspect it isn’t, but I’m going to kick it out of the nest anyway while I try to make  room for some new ones. You may be interested to know that this started out as a very ‘poetic’ poem, all about early morning light on the silver arabesques of snail trails, until I rendered myself so fucking bored with my own work that this little gobbet of ugly spat out. Just like ‘How Many More?’ started as a hymn to jam-making and ended up a bitter half-spell against a boy long-gone incanted by a crone-in-the-making. I rock at the kitchen table, trying to focus on what is true, and currently it is all dark, dark, dark.

fucking snails / shitting babies

in the weeds again / mummy

it’s a little green one, I seed it /

how many times / do I have

to tell you / I’ve seen / or I

saw? / are you deaf or just /

stupid? / the pathetic dramas

when I snuff them with a pinch /

it’s best / to kill them before

they get too big / untameable /

her hair curls like parsley /

round and round the table

with the hairbrush / screaming /

I made porridge / like my mum

the right way / salt and water /

why won’t she sit still

and take it?

One thought on “What should this one be called…

  1. What does it mean that I have a remarkably vivid mental image of you performing this as Suzi Quattro?

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