I am still alive, honest…

Yep, so have been mostly living on my other blog www.themooncannotbestolen.wordpress.com for quite a few months now, and will be blogging there again soon when I take the show back to Edinburgh for the PBH Free Fringe (come and see it! 2pm daily, 11-15 August, Royal Oak)

But to let you know what’s going on, and give you a little window into the life of a not-very-productive poet, I am currently:

Writing about a poem a month for a WW1 project about the bombardment of Hartlepool, to be featured in an anthology, launch date 11 December.

Completely failing to write anything decent for the Bloodaxe Archive project, in which the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts is asking poets and artists to ‘respond creatively’ to a whole bunch of boxes full of manuscripts and ephemera from Bloodaxe Press.

Frantically compiling and editing 48 pages of performance poems for Burning Eye Press, who have shortlisted me for a possible collection publishing deal in 2015.

Completely failing to write anything at all for the very good online project ’52’, run by Jo Bell with weekly prompts that are excellent and which I am ignoring, guiltily.

Panicking spectacularly about competing in my first ever slam, which of course is not a nice local slam but the friggin’ BBC Slam in Edinburgh – my heat is on 13 August, if you want to come and see me crash out in style!

Yep, that’s about it. Oh, and learning to drive.

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