Some snippets of Demeter

This show is going very slooooooooowly….I think I may be procrastinating. But I’m due to start the first of three mini-residencies next month, so I’d better get my thinking cap back on. One idea is that I won’t actually perform it in the end, I will do a very complicated and clever thing with audio recordings and make the audience do strange things in a fully-immersive participatory theatre way. Been thinking about that a lot today, and whether people would throw pots of water or paint over each other just because I asked them to. Probably not.

Anyway, for them that are interested, here is a Soundcloud playlist featuring the poems-plus-soundscapes I did on my residency at Caedmon Hall a couple of months ago. There are four tracks, but only two poems – each poem is repeated with a different soundscape mix underneath. I know which version of each I prefer, but you could always let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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