Live Theatre residency for Demeter In Winter – day 2

No more video, no, no, nevermore!  (Turns corvid, flies off).

If you’re interested, mostly today I have been putting into practice some advice from Nick Field about generating material when the blank page of the empty studio fills you with an atavistic urge to curl up and catch up on whatever sleep you should have been having last night, when you were in fact fighting your husband for the duvet and mumbling something about cities under tree roots.

The technique is simple – take a bunch of disparate things you’re trying to write about (in my case, three scenes of dialogue and two poems). Put them as headings on big pieces of paper. Put big pieces of paper around room in various places (in my case, four walls and a desk). Walk/run around between them, jotting thoughts and moving on whenever the train of thought dries up (in my case, after a maximum of two sentences). Did this for a couple of one-hour sessions, it really helped me keep my energy up. And got me started with the ‘proper’ job of writing.

Then I capitulated to extreme brain-drain, and spent quite a bit of time researching birdsong field recordings, in case this turns out to be a radio play. Found this fab resource from the British Library – enjoy!

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