NaPoWriMo 2016 – The Year Of The Otter


This will be my fourth attempt at NaPoWriMo, the international insanity among poets where we try to write one a day for the whole of April. My personal best is 15, and I’m definitely not going to beat that this year, because I’m going to try writing every poem about otters. Or featuring otters in some way. Because I like otters.

Please watch this video clip first.

Day one – Otters Playing Free Jazz On A Casio

How do you approach playing

with otters in

the absence of chord changes?

How do you even begin?

asks’s homepage,

neglecting to ask these otters:


GET HOT!!!!! Kitten neeeeeeds keys,

ain’t no baloney,



hip to the short-clawed jive!

gotsa screaming meemies!!

we collective, daddy-o, we radicaliiiiiiized!!!


I’m also trying to meet the official prompt, which yesterday was to write a lune (5-3-5 word formation). Haven’t seen today’s prompt yet, so I’ll check in tomorrow with whatever nonsense I’ve managed.

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