Keep Your Fur On

8038cc4f764c80709cc2f5a417360389Honestly folks, two straight weeks of otters is difficult enough, but the NaPoWriMo prompt today featured a very spurious poetic form with many rules about rhyme and repetition that are just too dull to explain to you right now. Suffice it to say, I have done it with 43 minutes of the day to spare, so if I’ve got the rules wrong then tough!

It’s inspired by the fur of the sea otter, which is the thickest on Earth, and which was the reason they were nearly hunted to extinction. Try this little video for more info. The picture for todays post is the only kind of otter hat people should buy nowadays.

Fur Trade

Diving, they are comet-tailed, a plunging silver fizz

of bubbles as the pressure wrings them sleek as fish,

flattening the under-fur that crowds a million to the inch.


One pelagic pelt could mean good silver to the thief

adept to plunge the knife in, to strip the sheath

from vibrissae to tail-tip, so some millionaire can swish

fur-hatted, fizz-swilling through crowds that enviously seethe

Oh! to wear an otter! it is our dearest aim and wish!



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