NaPoWriMo 2017.05

Aaand back to the foxes, because today we’ve been asked to write about our personal connection to something in the natural world, for example an animal. Like a fox? Yes, like a fox.


Brief Encounter

To endure the late walk home,

all buses gone to roost, and stars

muffled in sodium clouds; to pass

graceless retail parks framed

cloddishly in jobsworth shrubs,

dull with after-hours; to skirt

heavy-headed buddleia guarding

chain link and litter, exhaling

purple rankness; to navigate

the emptied junction, on the round-

about the inexplicable silver balls,

big as bales and rusting quietly

in the plain sight of the darkened

carwash; and then, to see him

in the lit delta of the goods

vehicle entrance, his spirit level

spine balancing caution, curiosity.

Brief arrow of blaze; to meet,

unexpected yet unmistakeable,

the most beautiful thing in the world.


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2017.05

  1. This is ace! I love urban foxes and your poem sums up that excitement at seeing one in that setting. That slight rush when it looks back, aware and busy simultaneously. I used to live in Manchester and once I was putting the key in the front door and a vixen ran across my feet. I was so shocked! It was there and then gone. As luck would have it, a neighbour was going into his house at the same time, so I said, “Did you see that?” He replied that he has as the fox disappeared into the gardens and sheds behind our houses. It’s funny now I live in the middle of nowhere and I see foxes so in frequently, darting into a hedge but they’re not the streetwise fox you capture here, just country bumpkins.

    1. Oh wow, I’ve never been that close to one, what a great story! Thanks – I’m so glad you like the poem, and that I’ve described that feeling well enough to be recognisable.

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