Utterly Otterly!


Hi there cutey lutraphiles! As some will have heard from my social media trumpets, all is going ahead with my second collection of poetry, Utterly Otterly! Containing poems and illustrations by Yours Truly, all otter-themed, many ludicrous. Also containing the writing prompts I was working from, and my excuses for why I ended up doing something else instead.

You too can pre-order a book, which will be published and sent out in October. You could even fund me further by ordering a print of Otters In The Bathtub (above), or a bespoke otter of your very own! Simply follow this link to my GoFundMe page, which will remain open for donations/pre-orders until we go to press in around 6-8 weeks time.

Collection launch!!


2012-12-13 15.56.02

Today I polish my boots, practice my poems and pack my bags, for tomorrow I’m off to StAnza, to launch my first full collection!

I could go on about it, but really I just wanted to let you know two things:

Firstly, if you happen to be going to StAnza, then please consider yourself invited to my set at their Poetry Cafe, 1pm, Byre Theatre, Friday 4th March – tickets here.

Secondly, if you fancy a copy of The Trouble With Compassion, but you’re not able to get one from me at a performance, you can buy it online from Burning Eye Books.

Thanks, that’s all really!