Palavers And Outrages, Signs Of Sutti

For my response to prompt number 4 of 30, I decided to write a golden shovel. This means that each of these words are used in turn as the last word of each line of my poem. It’s a wonderful brain-bending exercise that I recommend to anyone wanting to push their creative brain out of its ruts.



It seems I’m not alone in thinking about pavlovas – here’s a snippet from Lisette Auton.

I read this as pavlovas and wondered what meringue had to do with anything and then remembered meringues with homemade ice-cream in a kitchen warm with love and from a stomping beach walk. Meringues have everything to do with everything.


2 thoughts on “Palavers And Outrages, Signs Of Sutti

  1. WordPress is being awkward – it stops me “liking” any of your posts. However, it does let me log on to comment, so I thought I would just say please award yourself an extra “like” per post. If you see a “like” from ‘paperbackoriginals’ that’s me too, only on a different computer (on campus).

    1. Thank you! I wonder why WordPress is being so unhelpful? It should know that we’re all hoping for some ‘Likes’!!

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